Our Mission and Goals

  1. Unite the community of Ayurveda in Florida.  

    • AAF is a growing movement of Ayurvedic Practitioners, Counselors, students and professionals and includes those interested in Ayurveda from the public sector.

    • AAF is to provide a common, unified, protected space and platform for those who are practicing Ayurveda in Florida.

    • AAF will communicate quarterly (at a minimum) to AAF members through our website and/or emails/social media.

  2. Promote Ayurvedic practices through continuing education.

    • AAF will spread Ayurveda in professional manner while maintaining balance with ourselves and with our organization.

    • AAF will schedule continuing education seminars, conferences, webinars for those practicing Ayurveda.

    • AAF will schedule education forums for public education

  3. Inspire public trust and confidence in the science of Ayurveda.

    • AAF is to continue to work on our message, acknowledging today’s modern times, while respecting the tradition of Ayurveda.

    • AAF will work towards licensure in the State of Florida.

Board of Directors

  • Aparna Bapat


  • Rupali Panse

    Vice President

  • Kiffie Hester


  • Sally Haase


  • Jeff Mitchell

    Board Member

  • Mary Bradford

    Board Member

  • Sriram Moorthy

    Board Member